About Us

JoshHosh Media Pvt Ltd is a Digital News and Infotainment platform headquartered at Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh. It was founded by Deepak Tiwari, an eminent journalist and former Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Bhopal.

JoshHosh Media has a strong team of dedicated journalists specializing in various subjects. The two portals of JoshHosh Media namely www.joshhosh.com, www.freemedia.in and other audio-visual content disseminated through digital platforms aims to redefine the news content on web media. The platform is hosted on the servers of Amazon Web Services.

Ensuring a decisive presence across all the social media platforms, the JoshHosh Media focuses on the GenZers and Millennials of Hindi heartland as its consumers. With the objective of creating original content cherry-picked by a strong team of journalists from grassroots, JoshHosh Media strives to promote young talent of diverse background.

‘’Trust & Truth’’ are the core values at JoshHosh Media. The colossal growth of digital media has led to erosion of these two fundamental qualities from media business. JoshHosh Media intends to bridge the growing sense of distrust towards news brands.

The media house will primarily produce news in unconventional format and infotainment content in Hindi and Hinglish for young population. However, it will also have certain content in English. JoshHosh Media aims to fill the void of original news content on digital space and report stories hitherto ignored by mainstream media.

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